Welcome to our friendly and client-focused design studio.


We are a company of graphic designers, image creators, thinkers and writers who are competitive and results-focused, and especially love the challenge of the FMCG retail space. Independent, highly experienced and award-winning; our studio is located on Auckland’s North Shore.

Passion, creativity, and real-world commercial focus are hardwired into everything we do. We partner with companies of all sizes to create truly effective design and memorable brands that consumers love!

In today’s highly competitive and crowded marketplace, attention spans are measured in seconds. Being responsive is key; it’s part of who we are!


Connect with us and together we’ll bring your projects to life!



  • Brand Creation

  • Re-branding and Brand Management

  • Logo Design

  • Name Creation

  • Taglines

  • Identity Guidelines

  • Style Guides

Graphic Design

  • Illustration

  • Business Cards & Stationery

  • Brochures & Flyers

  • Catalogues

  • Corporate Identity

  • Business Forms

  • Annual Reports


Packaging Design

  • Cartons

  • Boxes

  • Bottles

  • Tubes

  • Shipper Cartons

  • Soft pouches & Films

  • Labelling

  • Canning


Website Design

  • SEO

  • Hosting

Digital Design

  • Online Advertising

  • Banners



  • In-house Product Photography

  • Photoshop and digital illustration

  • Photographic Art Direction


Print Advertising

  • Magazines

  • Billboards & Banners

  • Posters


Print Management

  • Printing

  • Print Consultant



  • Point of Sale

  • Vehicle Signage and Livery

  • Wayfinding



  • Trade Shows        

  • Display Stands

  • Exhibitions 

Client Endorsements


We have worked with Lee of Creative Philosophy Design Studio for many years and have always been impressed by his consistent creative ideas. Lee is very professional, and his layout skills are of the highest standard. He is easy to work with and always listens and takes note of our brief. As there are four people with different varying ideas involved in this matter, we know it must sometimes be confusing, but Lee always comes up with a wow factor design that pleases everyone. The packaging of our products is always admired and commented upon all over the world. We will continue to work with Lee and highly recommend his services.

Greg, Janet, Melissa and Tamara Parr

Parrs Products Ltd (Wild Ferns Brand)


I have worked with Lee for over 15 years on a wide range of projects: over five distinct and separate brands that I recall! All have been very successful in the marketplace; no small feat! Lee always sees the product in its purity (pure form) and manages to deliver packaging that is true to the target market. It precisely illustrates the mood, quality, taste and feel that we are trying to convey. Lee always researches his products in-depth, and this is conveyed in his finished work. Working with him is easy as it is a discussion about facts: simple! Actually, it’s a pleasure and delight!

Kathy Light

Former Marketing Manager and owner of EasiYo

Owner New Zealand Pure Dairy Products Ltd (IamNZ Brand)

Lee has undertaken many design projects for us, from the development of our logo to the design and production of a corporate “board game”. We’re thrilled with the results: Our logo not only succinctly tells the story of what we do and how we do it, but is eye-catching to boot. Lee asks the right questions to tease out the essence of the project, and then applies his expertise and experience, without fuss, to deliver a great result. You can’t ask for more than that.

Dr Philip Voss


Leading Safety Limited

Lee Philo
Creative Director 

Part-time philosopher, founder and business owner with over 20 years working in the creative industry.

I have worked with a truly diverse range of clients and brands in industries such as retail, music, agriculture, finance, telecommunications, information technology, transport, government, travel, education, hospitality, health, wellness, skincare, food & beverage and manufacturing... just to name a few.

I love business start-ups! Creating something from nothing and being a part of that success is always incredibly exciting. I am an optimist and pragmatist, guided by principles but driven to provide solutions. With a true passion for design, I know that it communicates, adds value and sells when done well.
Recent global events have affected consumers’ thinking and purchasing habits. Your business may need to adapt to suit a shift in purchasing habits while also meeting new environmental and social conscience expectations.​ I am ready to advise, assist and facilitate necessary changes and improvements as required.

If you would like to know more, please drop me a line.